John Kasay kicked off to the Patriots five times in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Maybe it was a play, and all you would need is to channel Quicksilver and move the ball or a player juuuuust so to prevent the heartbreak you know awaits: Malcolm Butler suddenly trips or Marcus Williams doesn’t whiff. Or maybe it was a call that nothing but mind control could change: Yes, Dez did catch it, Gene Steratore. No, run the ball, Kyle Shanahan.

And let’s say you only get one chance to do this. Which one play would you change if you could?

I’ve been a Washington fan all my life, so I have seen my fair share of heartbreaks and headaches. But, Robert Griffin III’s injury in a game against the Baltimore Ravens is one moment I will never forget. Everyone remembers Griffin’s injury in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. However, it was the leg injury he suffered following the hit delivered by former Ravens’ defensive end Haloti Ngata that started it all.

2012 brought me one of my favorite seasons as a fan. Washington went 10-6, won the division, earned a spot in the playoffs and Griffin was must watch television. I sometimes think where Griffin and Washington would be if he didn’t get hurt. — Ryan McFadden

Growing up in Flint, Michigan, as a fan of the WWE and The Rock, Kuzma has developed a relationship with Johnson since his visit to the Lakers’ facility.

Johnson, who has given Kuzma nutritional advice, replied on Twitter, saying, Kuz told me he wanted his best summer ever. Boy’s puttin’ in the work.

Assistant coach Miles Simon, who has been running Kuzma through individual workouts this offseason, told Walton he no longer can push the 6-foot-9 Kuzma in the post anymore. Kuzma was clearly listening when Dwayne Johnson told the Lakers that his anchor to success is waking up at 4 a.m. daily before anybody else and grounding my thought process [that] no one will outwork me … no one.

Regardless of what happens to the Lakers’ roster this offseason, Pelinka plans to continue the Genius Series in 2018-19. He’s keeping next season’s lineup a secret, but Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar is a possibility after the Lakers tried getting him to talk to the team this past season.

The Lakers are racing to acquire Kawhi Leonard in a trade with the Spurs before LeBron James makes a decision about his future, sources told ESPN.

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