Allen on Oliver: ‘He can run with any wide receiver’

This offseason, Falcons players and coaches have often discussed their point-of-attack tapes, which are areas of emphasis for each member of the team to work to improve.

Coaches are there to help point out flaws in a player’s game and help them develop in those areas, but part of the reason Quinn has been so impressed with his team’s attitude this offseason is that the players, themselves, have taken that job as their own.

When the players had come back, a number of them already had some ideas and begun work on the things that they wanted to address and wanted to improve upon. And over those nine or ten weeks, they really put work in on one to two things in their game that they wanted to address. All of us have many things [we want to address] but there was a couple that would be really specific. And then over those nine weeks, how did we keep track of them, how did we go and stay with it? So, those were a few of the things, when you’re already a good player and you’re trying to take it to a new spot, it can be really challenging.

You’ve got to dig hard as hell to find the answers and get to the truth and what is good and what you need to improve on, Quinn said. There’s a number of players on our team that went for it in the biggest way, and coaches as well. That’s why I’m so excited about this group.

Today’s Early Bird Report includes a pair of Falcons who landed on a recent ranking of the top players over 30 as well as Bucs defensive end William Gholston’s thoughts on his poor play last season.

A lot of attention is paid to the youthful talent the Falcons boast, especially on defense, but they have some of the game’s top veterans as well. In a recent piece for CBS Sports, Sean Wagner-McGough ranked his 30 best NFL players over 30 years old. The Falcons had two players land right in the middle of this list.

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