What Mets’ Todd Frazier hopes to get out of facing Yankees

Will Giants Olivier Vernon continue to kneel during national anthem after NFL passes rule to appease Donald Trump?

I can’t play basketball for s—. My ability to not play basketball is way more crazy than someone’s ability to play basketball. I can dribble, but that’s just about it. Sometimes people call me out just to see me shoot the basketball and play around because they know how terrible I am.

I wish I had hair, man. I wish I had hair going down my back! But, hey, you can’t have it all; you know God is very fair.

I can’t just go to a gym by myself. I can’t say I’m going to do this and do that. I would do a couple reps and then just leave. I need to be pushed.

Every single day, every play, knowing that people are depending on me to make my play that helps me elevate my game to another level.

Leadership and production. No. 2, he plays a core position. If you’re playing the Mike linebacker role, you’re commanding the huddle, you’re leading the huddle. Production matters, but also the fact that we feel like he’s built to last. We feel that he meets the height, weight, speed parameters that we want in the role, but he is now the guy that leads the huddle.

That’s a big hole to fill now with Brian Cushing gone. So, we are expecting big things from a leadership standpoint and perhaps now he’s ready to do that.

Now that the business side of things is taken care of, McKinney can focus on football and helping his team get back to the postseason after it endured a 4-12 campaign in 2017.

T.J. Ward ‘s name has been cleared.

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