Lincoln Park doesn’t get the credit it should, he added.

Despite his passion for tennis, before he hit the courts Schonbraun had a job delivering The Jersey Journal — in the days when it was an afternoon newspaper.

There were other newspapers like the Hudson Dispatch and Bayonne Times, he said. But the Jersey Journal was the paper in Hudson County.

Orange Lawn offers a handful of different types of paid memberships, one of which, the full family membership, allows full access to all facilities and services such as heated swimming pools and tennis courts, cafés with lunch and dinner, and locker rooms.

The club also offers a children’s summer camp as well as a venue for weddings and other major celebrations.

Pederson indicated it had more to do with scheduling than a lack of desire.

I don’t think it’s an every year thing, Pederson said. But I think last year was great for us, it was a great change-up for us to go against Miami. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Teams are already booked, teams are already full, teams are doing other things. For us it’s just: get better as a team.

The Eagles will still get their Super Bowl LII rematch against the Patriots, though, in a pre-season game up in New England on Aug. 16.

Last year, of the Eagles’ decision to conduct a joint practice with the Dolphins, center Jason Kelce said it’s always good, in my opinion, to break up the monotony. You get to go up against different guys who play differently, have different moves. Even though it’s a similar defense to our own, it’s always good to see some different players, see some different styles. And it was really just fun to play football.

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