Vikings take Jalyn Holmes in the Kirk Cousins spot

The Vikings traded out of round three, and they ended up near the top of round four as a result of the transaction. With the second pick in the round (the same spot where Kirk Cousins was picked six years ago), the Vikings went for a guy who will chase quarterbacks.

Ohio State defensive end Jalyn Holmes is the newest Viking.

It’s definitely a pick based on potential; Holmes simply didn’t have high-level production as a Buckeye. But the Vikings have a solid history of taking pass rushers in round four. That’s where they found Everson Griffen in 2010 and Brian Robison (also pick No. 102) in 2007.

Panthers kick off third day with tight end Ian Thomas

The Panthers have one of the game’s best tight ends in Greg Olsen, and they just gave him a contract extension.

Trai Turner is not the stud most people think—he sometimes struggles against powerful pass rushers and his mobility is only slightly above average.

Still, overall, he’s a quality guard in an offense that values them.

The process commences with jury selection, which could take roughly a day. One of the biggest questions regarding the process of screening jurors could be whether Giants fans are permitted to serve on the panel.

Barring a settlement, the case will proceed to a verdict. And if the verdict results in a finding that Manning committed fraud, things could get very interesting.

As previously explained, the Personal Conduct Policy seems to encompass fraud, whether prosecuted as criminal fraud or not. There also could be a question as to whether the Giants properly disclosed the potential Personal Conduct Policy violation in a timely manner, which could trigger discipline for the team and any responsible individuals.

Even if Manning is exonerated, the evidence that comes out at trial could arguably compel an investigation by the NFL. If he’s found to have committed fraud, a failure by the NFL to investigate the matter could become awkward and glaring, inviting claims of special treatment provided to a quarterback who plays for a team that is believed to enjoy most-favored-nation status in the eyes of the league office.

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